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GoodDog! Obedience Training Spray

GoodDog! Obedience Training Spray

Our safe, all-natural training spray discourages barking, chewing and other undesired behaviors.  Made from food and USP grade ingredients, this gentle yet effective spray is kind to your pup and your home.

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Food & USP grade ingredients

Our proprietary formula is meticulously crafted from premium food-grade ingredients & extracts.

No harsh smells

GoodDog! is designed to be gentle on human noses with notes of citrus & peppermint.

Gentle, yet effective

Trust in an effective behavior correction spray that cares as much as you do.


As a surface deterrent: Shake well before use and lightly spray GoodDog! on the area you wish to deter your pup from (ie rugs, furniture surfaces, chewing etc.)

As a direct deterrent: Shake well before use and lightly spray GoodDog! 6-12 inches away from your pup when engaging unwanted behaviors (ie barking, growling, jumping etc.)

  • Puppy-safe
  • Our happiness guarantee
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
It works!!

It has reduced our lil Yorkies barking. I just pick up the bottle and she will not bark. Very pleased so far with results!!

Terry Wong
Real Talk this stuff works!!!

Just wanted to give a big shoutout to Otero for your Obedience Spray – it's been a total lifesaver! My pup went from chaos to way less barking with this. Granted it took a few tries and I had to ask customer service how to use, but with consistent use it’s really paying off. I just have to repeat the motions & spray my pup whenever he barks to discourage him from continuing to bark. Seriously, kudos for the awesome stuff. Will be reordering 3 more today. Thanks again!! Highly, highly recommend!

Rebecca O
The magic spray bottle that works wonders!

PRO TIP: Don't skip shaking the bottle before using – that's where the magic happens!! Initially, I thought the training spray was just okay. My puppy would respond sometimes but not always. I reached out to the team at Otero and they told me that shaking the bottle before spraying activated the formula and since then, Gooddog has been a TOTAL GAMECHANGER!! It took the effectiveness to a whole new level and it even smells better. I'm so impressed and thankful to the Otero team for their help and support. They are amazing people and true dog lovers! It's an easy five stars for me.

Joe Chou
Highly Recommend!!!!

Gooddog training spray is a game-changer for training my dog. It's been incredibly effective, and I'm genuinely impressed. Five stars without a doubt. If you're looking for something that works, this is it. I'll admit, it's been a gradual process (my pup is a slow/ stubborn learner), but consistency is key. Believe in the product, keep at it, and you'll see remarkable progress in your pup's behavior!

Tammy Brown

It seems to work sometimes. I need to use it properly I’m sure but my puppy seems to respond to the spray better than verbal commands at the moment.