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GoodDog! Training Starter Kit

GoodDog! Training Starter Kit

Elevate your pup's training and play sessions with our GoodDog! Training Starter Kit designed to make obedience training a joyous experience for both you and your canine companion.

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GoodDog! Training Spray Duo

This kit includes our full-size obedience training spray for home use and a travel-size companion for on-the-go training.

Our dog obedience training spray is a natural and safe way to help your furry friend learn to be a GoodDog! Made from food and USP grade safe ingredients, this gentle spray deters pups from unwanted behaviors like barking – it's kind to your pup and your home.

Training Clicker

Precision meets fun with our training clicker. The audible click provides clear communication to your pup, reinforcing good behavior and making the learning process a breeze.

Adorable Chew Toy

Choose from two irresistibly cute chew toys to keep your furry friend entertained during and after training.


Effective Training. Our obedience training spray, paired with the clicker, creates a powerful training combination, fostering a positive learning environment for your dog.

Convenient Travel Size. Take your training on the road with the compact and travel-friendly size of our obedience training spray, allowing consistent training wherever you and your pup go.

Versatile Chew Toys. Select from 2 different chew toys that not only entertain but also promote healthy chewing habits.

Great Gift Idea. Whether it's the holiday season or any time of the year, the GoodDog! Training Starter Kit makes for an excellent gift for dog lovers and their furry companions.

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Customer Reviews

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Taylor Chen
Best gift for pup owners!!!

I'm over the moon about the Gooddog Training Stater Kit – it's a total win for my pup’s training! I received this as a gift from a friend for Xmas. The clicker is a fantastic training aid, making communication clear and effective & the spray is seriously pure magic! Gooddog Obedience Spray is like a behavior reset button, so easy to use and straightforward. Anytime my pup barks I spray & it she stops. It’s as if she understands exactly what I’m trying to train her to stop doing. And can we talk about the toy? How cute!!!!

Thanks for putting together such a thoughtful and effective set. Training has never been this easy. Will definitely be gifting a set to my other friends with dogs.

Jazmin Ruiz
This stuff works!

I have an Aussie at home that is very vocal when guests are at the door. I've tried a few things to deter her from doing that and they have not worked. I knew I was having friends over one night and decided to try this spray out. My friends knocked on the door and I waited on my Aussie to start barking. As soon as she started barking I sprayed the bottle and she stopped (!!!). This product worked great for us! Great job, Otero!